Too busy for 5 things?

Busy. Busy. Busy. Everyone is so busy. Ask someone how they're doing and that's generally always the response. But does being busy really mean you're being productive? Or that you are actually enjoying your life? I was that person. I'm SO busy. I actually became irritated with myself because I was saying it all the time. And no, I was not being productive and was actually quite miserable with my life.

I learned so much at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) but the biggest takeaway was the Circle of Life....and no, I don't mean the song from the Lion King! It's this handy dandy pie chart where you plot out points that correspond to all the major areas in your life. You're basically taking your life's temperature. What areas are you doing well in? What areas need work? Where are you struggling? Balance is key.

Here's a great article to help drive the point home. Read it and leave a comment. Are you on course? Need help getting there? Let me know!