Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Depression, anxiety and chronic stress are silent killers, like a slow burn.  I knew my health was suffering but didn’t quite realize the extent to which it had grown out of control. I was hiding from the world by burying myself in my work. As an outsider looking in I was doing well, successfully promoted up the ranks of a global tech company, earning a nice living, traveling the world, going out for dinner or drinks, concerts, events, sports, enjoying the single life. But the truth was that inside I was miserable, lonely, feeling completely unfulfilled at work and contemplating life in my late 30’s.  I was depressed, overweight, feeling constant stress, riddled with anxiety and frequently binge eating.  I developed asthma, food allergies, skin breakouts, was frequently sick with respiratory and sinus infections, or other various unknown viruses. When I wasn’t working or eating or punishing myself at the gym, I was sleeping – all the time. Internally, I had zero self-esteem, self-confidence, felt completely unattractive, undeserving & unworthy of joy, love, and any semblance of a balanced & fulfilled life.  This was how my life progressed for several years. 

I hit the proverbial wall time after time until one night, I burst into tears. I couldn’t do it anymore; I'd crumbled under the weight and pressure of it all.  After spending the majority of my 30’s successfully climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, following the "rules", living up to the social norms, I decided to make a change – a drastic, radical change, and walk away from it all. I quit my job, quit trying to fit into society’s mold of what I “should” be, quit hiding, quit pretending that everything was ok, when it wasn’t.  And that is when I believe my life truly began. 

Like the Chinese proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"; I took that first step to reclaim my health. For the first time in my life I truly began to understand that the human body is so precious, yet so powerful. In order to harness that power, the body requires proper care and nourishment. We feed ourselves not only with the food on our plate, but more importantly, we're fed through our relationships, creativity, career, and spirituality.  My mission is to create & sustain balance through a holistic (whole body) and mindful approach to everyday life, to unplug from the busyness and noise of the outside world and to nourish that which the mind, body and spirit needs. I invite you to join me on this journey, together we can tap into our authentic selves and cultivate the life we’ve always dreamed of!


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